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International Connections

Our Inner Wheel Clubs are often looking to make connections with other Clubs overseas to share friendship. Below is a list of the overseas Clubs and their current international connections, as well as a note on whether they're looking to make new connections.

CLUB INTERNATIONAL CONNECTIONSLooking for new connections?

Ballina, District A55, Australia

Banbury Club, District 9, UK

Bombay, District 324, India

Townsville Club, District A76, Australia

Invercargill East

Gothenburg Club, District 236, Sweden

Toowoomba Club, District A77, Australia.


Scotland (3 clubs); England (3 clubs); Ireland (1 club); Wales (2 clubs); Australia (3 clubs); Italy (2 clubs); Belgium (1 club); France (1 club); Netherlands (2 clubs); Germany (1 club); Switzerland, (1 club); Romania (1 club); Turkey, (1 club); Greece (1 club); Sweden (1 club); Norway (1 club), Denmark (1 club); Iceland (1 club); Nigeria (1 club);  South Africa (3 clubs); Reunion-Madagascar (1 club); India (4 clubs); Pakistan (1 club); Bangladesh (1 club); Sri Lanka (1 club); Philippines (1 club); Singapore (2 clubs) and USA (1 club)

New Plymouth North

Maidstone, District 12, UK

Rushen & Western Mann, District 128, UK


Beecroft Club, District A53, Australia

Durbanville Club, District 935, South Africa

Port Elizabeth West Club, District 932, South Africa

Wyong Club, District A53, Australia

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