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Below are a list of Upcoming Events, Past Events and pictures from the 2021 Queenstown Conference.

Upcoming Events

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Digital Education Series 2021-22

Monthly digital Education series held on the first Wednesday each month, live 4-5pm and later available here for you to view.

July 2021 Digital Education session

IWNZ President Michelle introduces you to the some tips and tools to help set up and use your Google Workspace account.

August 2021 Digital Education Session

A users guide tour of the IWNZ database and website with IWNZ President Michelle.

Covers instructions on how to log in, how to edit your profile and a tour of the resources available on on the website for members.

September 2021 Digital Education Session

An explanation about what media is needed, why and how to submit it to IWNZ 

PLUS - A Users Guide to Google Drive. The use and capabilities of My Drive for your Club and Shared Drives.

September 2021 Digital Education Bonus Session

A users guide on how to set up and use Google Meet from your IWNZ Google Workspace Account.

October 2021 Digital Education Session

National Secretary, Judi, gives a full guide on how to complete Club service records, followed by a tour of the IWNZ Members resource section on the website.

November 2021 Digital Education Session

A guide in how to create exciting newsletters. 

Covers tips and tricks for using Word, Guidelines for distribution, and other news opportunities.

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December 2021 Digital Education Session

Find out how to use the free online creative tool Canva to create a range of images and designs that will be useful for your Club to help promote and inform.

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February 2022 Digital Education Session

Discover the IWNZ Social Media channels, how to use them and some tips to create channels of your own. Also learn some ways to keep yourself safe on Facebook with security and privacy settings.

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March 2022 Digital Education Session

Find out some simple ways to help promote your Club activities and some simple tools to write an effective Press Release to help with publicity in local newspapers and magazines.

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April 2022 Digital Education Session

This Digital Education session covers a range of tools that can be found on Google Workspace: - Organising Gmail - Organising Contacts - Using Google Calendars - Setting up online Meet events - Shared Drive and My Drive - Using Forms All these tools are described in a way that they can help your IW Club to use the tools effectively.

May 2022 Digital Education Session

Follow along on a tour of the IWNZ website; find out about all the resources available to Members, along with all the forms that can now easily be submitted online.

Photo Gallery From the IWNZ Conference at Queenstown

May 14-16th 2021

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