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International Inner Wheel

Inner Wheel is the largest Women’s Voluntary Service Organisation in the world, very soon ready to celebrate our centenary year in 2024. The list of current IIW Board Members and Executive Members can be found on the International Governing Body & Editor/Media Manager document on the IIW website.

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2023-2024 Theme: Shine a Light

IIW Service Campaign

Inner Wheel at the UN

2023-2024 Theme: Shine a Light

This year's theme "Shine a Light" encompasses two flagship initiatives, critical to IW's call to encourage Members to  mission to work hard and work smart for a better future for the next generation:

(1) Brighten Lives for the Future, and

(2) Mental Wellness Brightens Lives.

Read more about the theme and these initiatives here.

Below is an excerpt from the welcome letter from 2023-2024 International Inner Wheel President, Trish Douglas (United Kingdom):

It is a great honour for me to be your International Inner Wheel President in this, 100th year celebration of Inner Wheel. This year, we will “Shine A Light” on all the fantastic work that has been and will be. It is a very special year for each and everyone of us. 

Inner Wheel cannot achieve their objectives in encouraging personal service without the support of our National Presidents, National Representatives, District Chairmen, Club Presidents, our UN Representatives and all our wonderful members in each and every District and Club as you go forward to “Shine A Light”.

BRIGHTEN LIVES FOR THE FUTURE: Let’s start with international understanding. It is my vision that in Manchester, we have a “House of Culture”. In the past, we have had a “House of Friendship”; friendship will be very much present. We all have something to offer from our various countries and it will “Shine A Light” on our great organisation. May I encourage members to bring their various artifacts which showcase their country – IIW Past President Phyllis Charter is looking forward to receiving your ideas and illustrations.

MENTAL WELLNESS BRIGHTENS LIVES. Anorexia is an illness that goes “across the board”. At the Manchester Convention, I am supporting BEAT, “beat eating disorders”. This is a charity supporting eating disorders. There will be an 'Olde Fashioned Sweetie Shop' at the Convention if you feel able to support. By donating a packet of your favourite sweets, BEAT will benefit greatly. To date, £500 has been donated by Past Board Directors who met in Edinburgh and gave generously to the charity.

I look forward with pride to welcoming all to our Convention in Manchester, 7-10 May 2024. We will certainly “Shine A Light” for the world to see.

Yours in Friendship and Service,

Trish Douglas

International Inner Wheel Service Campaign

Strong Women Stronger World

Inner Wheel clubs, districts and countries take part in a wide range of work for charities and causes across the world with the aim of caring for women and girls.

IIW Social Project Campaign (pdf) 

IIW Social Project Campaign (ppt)

Inner Wheel at the UN

Inner Wheel currently has 7 representatives in the UN for Inner Wheel, located in Vienna, Geneva and New York. You can read more about IW at the UN here.

Inner Wheel UN Report

Toward the end of each Inner Wheel year, the Vice President puts together a report that encapsulates the finished year. As part of this report, the Vice President creates a summary of the reports published by our Inner Wheel United Nations Representatives in Vienna, who are leaders at the forefront of all the progress being made with law makers, organisations, sustainability goals, world economics and the health of our planet.

You can read 2023-2024 Vice President Rina's UN Report here. All original reports can be read on the International Inner Wheel website, through QR codes included in the document.

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