Inner Wheel

New Zealand


In 2020-21*

62,000 hours of volunteer service

269 Charities

$280,000 gifted funds

* 1st June 2020 - 31st May 2021

Service and Inner Wheel

Encouraging personal service is one of the three objectives of Inner Wheel. As members of Inner Wheel, we make a significant contribution to our communities, both by giving our time and fundraising to make financial donations.

Up and down New Zealand, Inner Wheel Clubs support charities to thrive.

Each Club decides the charities they want to support. In 2020, we supported 269 different charities. We also have a national Service Project, Look Good Feel Better and we often work together on projects of mutual interest to Clubs.

National Service Projects

Look Good Feel Better

Inner Wheel supports Look Good Feel Better through Members contributing their time preparing lunches and laundry, as well as fundraising.

Free Feel Better Classes are for anyone undergoing treatment for any type of cancer at any stage. It’s time away from the world of diagnosis and treatment to help face cancer with confidence, feel stronger and live better.

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JP Bayly Trust Fiji Appeal

In July 2021, the Inner wheel New Zealand National Governing Body invited Clubs in New Zealand to assist our friends in Fiji with their response to the COVID-19 outbreak at the time. A Fiji Emergency Appeal was created to raise funds that went directly to the JP Bayly Trust to assist in providing much-needed food and basic needs to the people of Fiji through their welfare centres. (Original Appeal Letter)

IWNZ Clubs and members donated $11,165 in August 2021.

"We greatly appreciate and are humbled by this wonderful and timely  donation by Inner Wheel New Zealand. Please be rest assured that this money will be put to good use to assist the less fortunate during this difficult time. Once again thank you for your kind gesture and generosity. Vinaka!"

John Yee, General Manager

District Service Projects

District NZ294 - Days for Girls

As a District, NZ294 supports Days for Girls, which is an organization that aims to shatter the stigma of menstruation through providing menstrual products, education and support for local businesses. This organization partners with governments, health coalitions and various campaigns to advocate for menstrual equity across the world.

Click on the poster on the left to see suggestions for fundraising activities.

District NZ297 - CanBead

NZ297 are assisting in the collection and sorting of beads to assist the CanBead Programme through CanInspire.

CanBead offer participants hands on guidance and support so they can create their own necklaces and earrings.

The CanBead participants are given kits which contain all that is needed to make beautiful jewellery. With the CanBead Kit and the skills learned in the workshop, participants have the ability to make fabulous jewellery on their own.

CanBead Kits provide a wonderful distraction from illness, trauma, loss, but also a chance for the user to gain a real sense of achievement and to spend creative, positive time with other people.

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