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Service and Inner Wheel

Encouraging personal service is one of the three objectives of Inner Wheel. As members of Inner Wheel, we make a significant contribution to our communities, both by giving our time and fundraising to make financial donations.

Up and down New Zealand, Inner Wheel Clubs support charities to thrive.

Each Club decides the charities they want to support. In 2020, we supported 269 different charities. We also have a national Service Project, Look Good Feel Better and we often work together on projects of mutual interest to Clubs.

In 2020:

48,000 hours of service given

269 charities

$169,000 gifted to charities
through fundraising

Look Good Feel Better - National Service Project

Inner Wheel support Look Good Feel Better by members contributing both their time preparing lunches and laundry, as well as fundraising.

Free Feel Better Programmes are for anyone undergoing treatment for any type of cancer at any stage. It’s time away from the world of diagnosis and treatment to help face cancer with confidence, feel stronger and live better.

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