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About Look Good Feel Better

Look Good Feel Better is an international charity

  • LGFB started in the United States in 1989.
  • Worldwide to date it has supported over 2.5 million women each year.
  • Look Good Feel Better classes aim to improve confidence, self-esteem and well–being.
  • They are an opportunity to relax, do something practical, and connect with people who may be experiencing something similar.
  • The classes provide an experience for participants to gain control and normality at a time when treatment may have taken over their lives.
  • Dedicated to providing practical, effective programmes to help New Zealanders manage the impact cancer and its treatment can have on their appearance.

Look Good Feel Better in NZ

  • First class in New Zealand was 1992
  • In NZ we support over 3000 women and teens each year
  • Based in 41 sites throughout NZ (and growing)
  • Nearly 600 volunteers nationally
  • Over 45,000 women since 1992

Upcoming Events

Watch this space!

Look Good Feel Better is non-medical

  • It does not interfere with patients’ medical treatment, make any medical claims, or replace professional medical advice in any way

Look Good Feel Better is a free service

  • Each patient receives a complimentary pack of skincare and cosmetics to take away after the class
  • We provide this service to any person facing any cancer, at any stage of their cancer
  • In NZ the packs are personalised for each individual that attends a class
  • Small classes for intimacy and sharing
  • Can return with their pack if they need during the year

    Look Good Feel Better is product neutral

    • No brands, products or stores are endorsed by the programme, or by any volunteer at anytime during a class

    A Message to IWNZ from Look Good Feel Better


    Inner wheel clubs and members are the most creative people we work with. With everything from afternoon teas, high teas, attending events, cruises, just to name a few – you are all so very generous with your time and ideas. You are all amazing and we appreciate the dedication, support and ongoing commitment to raising funds across NZ.

    Please get in contact with if you would like to discuss any fundraising ideas.

    Where does your donation money go and how is it used?

    All funds raised support free Look Good Feel Better Programmes in local communities.  It helps us ensure that any person facing any cancer, at any time can access programmes from anywhere they are in NZ. With community classes, online classes, online tutorials and resources available, there is advice and support for people facing cancer 365 days a year.

    How can LGFB help you.

    If you have an upcoming event and wish to have a representative from Look Good Feel Better to speak.  Please feel free to get in contact with us, providing information on the date & time, number of guests attending, how long the speaking engagement is for and a little about the event

    To arrange this please email


    Thanks to our incredible sponsors, we can usually support events and fundraising with raffles/hampers. These can be a great way to bring people together and boost fundraising.

    Please contact Amber on to arrange.

    Making Donations:

    Please see the LGFB Resources page for information on making donations to LGFB.

    Service in your area

    How can my Club help? 

    Clubs have been involved with Look Good Feel Better for many years.  Some clubs assist by washing volunteer aprons, others provide the morning or afternoon tea’s. When providing food please think of some healthy options.Many club members are also volunteers at Look Good Feel Better.  There are many ways in which you may like to volunteer, these include:

      • Providing make up assistances in class (training is provided)
      • Helping set up and pack down classes
      • Promoting LGFB in your community by distributing brochures and flyers. 

    If you would like to volunteer at Look Good Feel Better, please complete our registration form at or contact Bev Mossop, LGFB Volunteer Manager (Email: / Phone: 09 3700602 or 027 535 0840).

    Ordering Resources for Club use

    LGFB Bookmarks and Note Cards for Club use can be ordered here.

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