Inner Wheel International President 2016-2017

Oluyemisi Alatise - Nigeria

2016/2017 International President's theme:

What's new?

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Inner Wheel NZ:  Who are we?

Inner Wheel is the largest women’s voluntary service organisation operating in the world. As a non-government organisation, Inner Wheel representatives work within the United Nations on committees in Geneva, Vienna and New York to better the lives of women globally. As the sister organisation of Rotary International we work closely with its members on service projects.

Inner Wheel is active in over 100 countries and geographic locations with over one hundred thousand
members. In New Zealand, we have 64 clubs spanning the country from Whangarei to Invercargill and
including clubs in Fiji and New Caledonia. Our clubs meet monthly to enjoy friendship and participate
in service to the community, at home and overseas. Find out more about Inner Wheel in New Zealand here.


Message from National President 2016-2017 - Joanne Gaudin

Welcome to the new 2016-17 Inner Wheel year. It's time once again to affirm that we belong to an amazing organization,  one of the largest in the world - that promotes friendship,  encourages service  and has representatives at the United Nations.

I've been asked many times if Inner Wheel is still relevant in these "modern" times when women can join organizations once the sole domain of men and can hold any job or office in the Western world,  once possible only for men.

It is my belief that Inner Wheel is as relevant today as it was to those women who started our organization in 1924,  to the women across the decades who chartered new clubs all over New Zealand,  and especially relevant to the 10 young women who's club - Tauranga Central - we chartered in April this year.

My personal journey with Inner Wheel has given me great experiences and helped my personal growth, and with the support of those who have lead IW before me, I look forward to being part of the team strengthening our organization and leading it into the future using the Strategic Plan.  Along with other members of the National Governing Body, my aim is to keep working on the 5 key points raised by the Strategic Plan,  but alongside these I would like to focus on communication:-

  • between those in Governance & the Membership
  • between those who have held office and those taking it up for the first time
  • between Inner Wheel and the communities where we work

Our organization is achieving amazing things within the community and nobody knows who we are or what we do.  If nobody knows who we are ... how can they ask for our help?  If nobody knows what we do ... how can we attract new members?

This year as we find ways to Touch a Heart within our communities,  let's shine light on our Organization.  I encourage you all to take a fresh approach toward your Inner Wheel experience this year.

Embrace the new technologies that will bring our organization into the 21st Century.           Look for the positives in trying new ways of doing things rather than continuing to do things the way we always have.

I look forward to the year ahead;  to meeting more of you and to listening to you - the members of Inner Wheel New Zealand - as together we shape our organization for the future.

Joanne Gaudin

IWNZ President  2016-2017



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