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Past Events

Educational Sessions 2022-2023

Proposals, Amendments and Delegates (YouTube)

This educational session was held to help with understanding proposals, how to write an amendment and what delegates do. Links to the resources discussed during the sessions can be found below:

  • The Club Resource Manual and the Little Red Book can both be found on the Resource Manuals and IWNZ Resources page (Members-only, please log into your IWNZ account to view)
  • The Proposal Flowchart (and accompanying notes) presented by Annabelle can be found on the Club Tools page (Members-only, please log into your IWNZ account to view)

A list of relevant questions asked during both sessions, along with the answers provided in the sessions, can be viewed here.

Digital Education Series 2021-22

Monthly digital Education series were held on the first Wednesday each month and can be viewed on our YouTube channel or at Digital Education Series.

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