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WITT Care Packs by New Plymouth North

2 Dec 2023 9:33 AM | Anonymous

The IW Club of New Plymouth North has been putting together WITT Care Packs. These packs contain shampoo and conditioner (355ml bottles), deodorant, soap (85gm), razor, toothbrush, toothpaste(120gm), laundry detergent sheets (we re-pack four of them in a press-lock bag) and a small Kit-Kat bar to feed the soul. The Club has been involved at one of New Plymouth’s secondary schools and have received some fantastic feedback regarding the packs:

“The Care Pack was awesome. I was so stoked to be given stuff that I can use. Mum barely has enough money for food, and I have been using soap to wash my hair for weeks. Now my hair is soft and clean and actually smells nice.”

“The pack made my week. I actually had tears in my eyes when I took everything out to see what was in there. I am barely keeping things afloat at home as a solo Mum with 2 kids. I got to wash both kids hair and wash their clothes properly. Thank you so much, it was a blessing. The smallest kindness can mean so much.”

“The pack was awesome. It had everything I needed.”

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