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Support to Tonga from Ahuriri

23 Jun 2022 4:25 PM | Michelle Atkinson (Administrator)

During March 2022, the IW Club of Ahuriri took part in a community effort to send aid to Tonga.

They were approached by the Tongan community in Flaxmere to provide a donation to help purchase necessary items to send. With a contribution from the Clubs Charity fund to both this cause and the National Inner Wheel fund for Tonga. It was inspiring to see how the communities of both Hastings and Napier helped out. Churches, Schools, and other community groups all contributed to the cause.

A few members (President Margo, Joanne and Joy) were privileged to be invited to the closing up of the 20ft container. The container was filled to capacity with essential aid items, including water, non-perishable food supplies, furniture, shelter materials, tools and clothing.


When the organisers were asked how it was that they ensured that each family being supported was given an allocation of the goods being sent. It was explained that Tongan culture is one of sharing and supporting others. To ensure that nobody is left destitute due to this concept, once a donation is shared the items may not be passed on to another. The New Zealand Community has ‘shared’ with the Tongan community. All the donated goods were divided up into barrels with family names and contact numbers on them. Each family will receive an appropriate allocation of the goods and because the aid has already been shared from here, it entitles each family to keep possession of the aid received without sharing again.

The women packed during the day and then the men came home and loaded the container in the evening. Each of the 80 x 40 gallon drums & 40 plastic drums were packed with water & oil first then a sheet of cardboard ; a layer of clothing or soft furnishing and then packaged food & canned goods. There were 2 water drums filled with clothing plus sheets of iron & drainage pipe to gather water as well as other tools & furniture in the container.

A wonderful community project of support for the IW Club of Ahuriri.


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