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Inner Wheel Club of Parahaki Whangarei Donation

6 Feb 2022 4:55 PM | Arshi Madan (Administrator)

The South Indian harvest festival of Ponggal which celebrates renewal is observed annually in Malaysia. In the throes of thanksgiving for nature’s bounty, the Inner Wheel Club of Butterworth decided to bring hope and opportunity to five economically challenged women. The Club undertook to donate a brand-new sewing machine to each of them so that they may uplift themselves and their families through a new venture. This task was made possible with the support of Club members who generously contributed towards the project which culminated in the handover of the five machines to the recipients on 15thJ anuary 2022. Project leads appointed by President Santhi Sundara painstakingly vetted the list of recipients and narrowed it down to five of the most deserving and likely to embark and persevere in a new business endeavour. Members also undertook the task of scouring the local market for the best possible bargain in acquiring the most popular brand of sewing machines with the most sought after features. Thus, eight Club members got together to handover the sewing machines . Mr Phang, the supplier of the machines, efficiently put the ladies through the paces and even got them to have a feel for the machines themselves as he fielded their questions and showed them the ropes. President Santhi Sundara in her address at the gathering, congratulated the five ladies who hail from five different locations on the mainland of Penang state. A successful businesswoman in her own right, she pledged continued support for the ladies and promised to set up a chat group with them to collect data and help them in their new business ventures Club members were touched by the gracious words of appreciation by the five recipients. Everyone then adjourned for masala tea and snacks.

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