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Knitting Initiative by IW Club of New Plymouth North

25 Oct 2021 1:15 PM | Arshi Madan (Administrator)

Thanks to the generosity of the band of knitters the club has been able to distribute knitting and crochet items. These were all donated in the three months prior to lockdown. That is a fabulous job well done. Thanks everyone. 

The items were donated to Maternity Ward, Barnados, Mummys in Need, Plunket, Men’s Shelter, St Vincent / Women’s Refuge and they are still gathering items for Midwives.

Plunket were very pleased to receive all these knitted and crocheted items. It is amazing where all this knitting comes from. This was before Lockdown so we can only guess what has been made by our industrious ladies over the last few weeks. Lots and lots of hours have gone into these lovely pieces. They are very much appreciated by those who receive them. 

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