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Vanuatu: Kits for Kindy

19 Jul 2021 8:19 PM | Anonymous

Cyclone Harold caused major devastation in Vanuatu and as a result many Kindergartens/Playschools were destroyed. They get no government funding and are set up and supported by the local communities. In most cases this is very difficult and as a result most kindergartens/preschools have few if any teaching resources, play equipment and furniture.

So Kits for Kindy project was set up.

District NZ294 decided to make it their ISO Project for the year and each club was asked to provide books, wooden toys, crayons, chalk, pencils, scissors, paper, string, tape, glue, jigsaws, skipping ropes, balls, story books, etc.

These were brought to the District Assembly meeting in April and we all had a lot of fun sorting and packing the boxes.  Over 30 boxes of toys/books etc were sent off to Vanuatu.  We also had money donated and used it to buy a slide for the children to play on.

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