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IIW Cervical Cancer Campaign

IWNZ Members are invited to participate in an International Inner Wheel Campaign for awareness of Cervical Cancer. Clubs around the world are encouraged to launch projects that will STOP CERVICAL CANCER among women and girls. You can view IIW President Ebe Martines' letter here.

Worldwide, cervical cancer is the 4th most common cancer. Mortality is high due mainly to diagnosis at the late stages of the disease, as well as the frequently unavailable, inaccessible, or unaffordable treatment. Yet, cervical cancer is the only cancer that is preventable with early detection through screening and HPV vaccination. 

Each year in NZ about 160 people are diagnosed with Cervical cancer and about 50 women die from it. 

The best protection for any woman is to have regular screening. In NZ we are fortunate to have the National Cervical Screening Programme and it is recommended that all women are screened every 3 years. 

To find out more about the cervical screening programme, talk to your doctor, practice nurse or health clinic, or visit the Time to Screen website.

As IW Members you are invited to share and encourage your female friends to make sure they keep their screening up to date. The poster on the right may be useful to share some basic information about Cervical Cancer. Click on it to download the pdf.

Your Club may also choose to support a charity that works to help women who are dealing with Cervical Cancer. Below are some useful links.

Resources for more information

Charities that support Women's Cancers

The Cancer Society:

New Zealand Gynaecological Foundation:

Talk Peach:

Look Good Feel Better:

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