Inner Wheel NZ inc National Strategy 2019-21

Together we will create a modern, active and dynamic organisation for women who are part of a Global network of committed members who voluntarily give their time and love for others.

  • Be the Women's organisation current and new members are proud to be part of.
  • Increase Awareness of Inner Wheel in our communities
  • Set up our organisation for future growth

We help charities and worthy causes to be successful.
In Inner Wheel, we work as a team to achieve more in making a positive
difference in our communities, in New Zealand and around the world. Our key
focus is empowering women and girls. It is immensely rewarding to give back by
working on projects that improve the lives of others and show we care. And, we
have fun along the way.

We meet and create true friendships with like-minded women
locally, nationally and internationally.
We belong to a world leading voluntary women’s organisation, giving us unique
opportunities to create positive change in our world. Our voices are heard all the
way to the UN with speaking rights on issues relevant to women, children, the
family and the elderly.

Inner Wheel enables us to share and use our skills.
There are lots of opportunities to grow our skills while we learn more through
leadership, meetings, speakers and a variety of social activities. It is special to be
acknowledged and appreciated for our contribution.

Our Why represents the thoughts of why we or others would want to join Inner Wheel and are the results of discussion on the Strategic Plan at IWNZ’s Auckland conference, May 2019.

Project Revive Document
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Newsletter 1
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Now is an exciting and interesting time for all of us in Inner Wheel NZ as we set out to create a modern, active and dynamic organization. The Strategic Working Group invite every member to come along on this journey. We will be communicating regularly with ideas and strategies to use as starting ideas for District and Club planning. The newsletters will provide a way to share ideas, and strategic activities that have proved to work well.

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Newsletter #2 October 2019
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