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Messages from IWNZ President, Carol Haskett


April 2020

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July 2019


Carol Haskett – Inner Wheel NZ

president 2019-2020


The International Inner Wheel Theme set by IIW President Phyllis Charter is “Together we can”

I ask that all members join with me and show that as Inner Wheel Members we can work together in friendship to ensure Inner Wheel continues to support and give service within our Communities.


Together, we will create a modern, active and dynamic organisation for

women who are part of a global network of committed members who

voluntarily give of their time, and love for others.


Project Revive – our Strategy to ensure we will continue to grow our membership and be able to make a difference in our communities. Your National Governing Body (NGB) will be working throughout the year to ensure we make progress, as quickly as possible, on developing and then presenting to the clubs those plans and tools that we have committed to in Project Revive.


It is important that all Club members share their ideas and thoughts with each other and then with your District Chairman so they may share your feedback with the other NGB members. Let’s all share our skills and knowledge to bring about positive change so we can continue to move forward.


“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford

With lives being so busy we can forget to share our incredible journey of Inner Wheel with those we meet. Please share your enthusiasm in Inner Wheel with others who may enjoy the friendship and the opportunity to work together on projects. In our busy world loneliness is increasing, the need for people to connect is strong and what a wonderful organisation we have for them to connect to.


In Friendship