Membership Pass Campaign Resources


This Membership Campaign is an easy way for potential members to find us. It has been modified for all Clubs to be able to pick it up and use.

This was introduced by Anne Joyce from the Inner wheel Club of Upper Hutt. Below is Anne's testimony of her experience.

Anne posted on the Upper Hutt Community Page on Facebook at 7pm on Friday. By 3pm on Sunday she had sent the first message to 120 women and had five confirmed guests at their next dinner meeting, plus one waiting to see if she could get a babysitter.

Even if most of them do not look at the website, there are now 120 women in Upper Hutt who have now heard about Inner Wheel.

Update - 9pm Monday, there are now 135 queries resulting in 9 confirmed guests, 2 maybes and 3 who cannot make it but want to be followed up the following month.

Various comments about what a great organisation or saying thanks, they will look at it sometime.

Here are templates for THREE messages you can use in the campaign:

FIRST MESSAGE - Download this editable welcome message to use as part of a first response message with potential members to share a link to the IWNZ website.

Download .doc

SECOND MESSAGE -  Download this editable message which you can use to make contact with potential members to share your meeting times and arrange for them to meet.


THIRD MESSAGE - Download this editable document which can be used to share more information with potential members.



You can download the images of the adverts on this page as social media jpegs here  download advert

This can be used to promote Inner Wheel on your Club/District Facebook pages, your local community pages, noticeboards, Neighbourly pages, local newspapers, newsletters, community newsletters etc.

If you need any assistance in changing any details on these tiles you can contact Alyssandra IWNZ Publicist and the changes can be made for you or download the files above, that are editable by yourself.

WE can promote Inner Wheel - WE can invite women to join with us

All Clubs will also receive “Membership Pass” business size cards to distribute to potential members inviting women to attend up to 3 meetings. To clarify, women may attend up to 3 meetings prior to making the commitment to join Inner Wheel, but please, if they indicate they would like to join after their first meeting welcome them with open arms.