In the IWNZ Resources Library you will find all kinds of tools and information to download and share.

These include toolkits, manuals, pamphlets, guidelines, logos and much more. If there is something missing that you require, please contact us 



Here you can read more about the campaign and download all documents resources to help your club with the membership pass campaign.

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Resource Manuals

Club Resource Manual

A great source of information on running your club including outlines for each committee members, dates, forms and hints.

District Resource Manual

A great source of information about District management including guidelines for each District Executive member, suggestions regarding new clubs and members, information on proposals, forms, formats and protocols.

National Resource Manual

A General Guide for the NGB Executive This Manual serves as a Guide only and is to be used in conjunction with the Club Resource Manual, the District Resource Manual and the IWNZ History Manual

IWNZ Useful Resources and Official Forms

Inner Wheel Branding and Promotion