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  • Mrs Jennifer Thompson, MNZM, for services to amputees and horticulture.
    Jennifer Thompson, an Inner Wheel Member and Past President Eastern Hutt is also a committee member of the Amputee Society of the Greater Wellington Region and has held the roles of Vice-President and President of the Society.
    Posted: Monday 27 July 2020
  • Alison Dowson  - Honouring 50 years Membership  in Inner Wheel
    The IW Club of Riccarton recently honoured Alison to mark her remarkable journey of 50 years as a valued member, recognising her selfless devotion to Inner Wheel at all levels - Club, District, New Zealand and International Inner Wheel. Read the attached account of her journey written by Cecile Pierce IIW Representative/Board Member 1988-90.
    Posted: Saturday 30 May 2020
  • Coffee Mug promotes Inner Wheel to the world
    District NZ298 Chairman, Alyssandra Skerrett's idea to use use her favourite Temuka coffee mug to promote Inner Wheel has taken off around the world. Alysandra invited New Zealand members to submit a photo with their favourite mug too and she posted these to the District NZ298 and IWNZ Facebook pages. Soon, she had requests from members in other countries wanting to send their favourite 'mug shots'. The attached story, written by Alyssandra for the International Inner Wheel e-magazine, outlines her journey.
    Posted: Wednesday 6 May 2020
  • Auckland East Celebrate 30th Birthday by donating to charity and raising a glass
    Happy Birthday to the Inner Wheel Club of Auckland East on 21st April 2020. Because of the COVID-19 lockdown, the club will be celebrating remotely by donating to charity, and, reflecting on the history, people and work of the club by raising a glass at 6pm. Congratulations!
    Posted: Tuesday 21 April 2020
  • Plimmerton Inner Wheel celebrates 30th Anniversary
    Plimmerton Inner Wheel celebrated their 30th Anniversary on 17 March. The dinner was attended by many members and their husbands and, also included four of the Charter Members of the club. We were entertained by the Virtuoso Strings, a community orchestra, based in Cannons Creek Porirua. They truly believe that music education should be accessible for all and it is one of the charities we have supported over the years. We were so lucky to be able to have our celebration before the lockdown which has seen many functions cancelled.
    Posted: Monday 30 March 2020
  • With the coronavirus spreading uncontrollably around the World, my thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of you as you try to understand and abide by all the rules that are applicable in your own countries. Some of these are voluntary and others strictly imposed but, whichever they are, they will cause isolation and possibly a feeling of helplessness. Inner Wheel Members are by their very nature social and outgoing; more used in times of adversity to helping others than themselves. Whilst not forgetting those families and children that turn to us in difficult times, I ask you to keep in touch with one another on a Local, National and International basis, so that we do not let any of our own Members feel that they have to cope with this social isolation alone. Together we can reach out and strengthen our Inner Wheel friendships and have contact with each other via WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and all other social media. By using these ways of communication we can show how small the World is and how large Inner Wheel is. We are all treading into the unknown but I know that you will all be innovative and inspirational in keeping our Inner Wheel spirit alive, so that we can be ready for when the World rights its self on its axis and returns to normality. Together we can be strong and continue to hold hands around the World whilst remembering each other and all those who we help or live on their own and are vulnerable in our thoughts and prayers. With all my love to you and your families, Phyllis Charter President, International Inner Wheel
    Posted: Monday 23 March 2020
  • Inner Wheel Club of Plimmerton celebrate International Inner Wheel Day
    The Inner Wheel Club of Plimmerton celebrated Inner Wheel Day on Monday 20 January with a Pizza and Plonk afternoon. There was a variety of Pizza to suit everyone and the wine flowed. It was a lovely day of fun and friendship held in the gardens of one of our members.
    Posted: Sunday 2 February 2020
  •  Inner Wheel Club of Opotiki celebrate International Inner Wheel Day 2020
    “It was a beautiful warm clear evening to enjoy each other’s company. Carole kindly offered her home and we gathered on the front terrace. It was the “Calm before the storm!” Ten members and significant others arrived plus Rotarians and friends. 5 til 7pm. They came from lake camping and being away, one with a bandaged hand — how could a sparrow be so spiteful! President Lana was relaxed and sporting a turquoise floaty tabard. Carole read out greetings and the IWNZ President’s message. The nibbles were delicious and kept coming around so we kept talking and catching up on the last few weeks. A great way to start the year 2020 has rather a nice ring to it.
    Posted: Sunday 12 January 2020
  • Successful District Chairman visit to NZ291's New Caledonian Club
    The Inner Wheel Club of Noumea Plaisance welcomed NZ291 District Chairman Brenda Paschke to their December Club meeting on Tuesday, 3 December. President Agnes Jezequel and the 11 members present warmly welcomed both District Chairman Brenda and Penelope Spencer, President of IW Aotea Auckland, to New Caledonia. Read more about the trip by pressing on the View PDF button.
    Posted: Sunday 15 December 2019
  • Inner Wheel Club of Hobsonville Point Fashion Sale
    The Inner Wheel Club of Hobsonvill Point held a preloved women's fashion sale to raise the profile of their club. The event was held on 7th December and went extremely well. Funds raised from the sale went to the New Horizon's Women's Trust.
    Posted: Sunday 15 December 2019
  • Inner Wheel Club of Parahaki of Whangarei - High Tea and Fashion Parade
    The Inner Wheel Club of Parahaki and Whangarei recently held a high tea and fashion parade. Photos can be viewed by clicking on the PDF link
    Posted: Sunday 15 December 2019
  • Margarette Golding Award for Kate Hargraves
    The Inner Wheel CLub of Auckland East nominated Kate Hargraves for the Margarette Golding Award. It was presented to her by IWNZ president Carol Haskett at the Aucklnad East club's Christmas function. Read more about Kate's amazing community service record by clicking on the View Image link.
    Posted: Sunday 15 December 2019
  • IW Club of Auckland East  - October/November Activities
    Check out the photo gallery of the various activities enjoyed by the IW Club of Auckland East during October and November.
    Posted: Tuesday 12 November 2019
  • District NZ291 Meeting Highlights - October 2019
    District NZ291 recently held their District meeting. They enjoyed a very full programme according to the photos in the accompanying collage!
    Posted: Tuesday 15 October 2019
  • IW Club of New Plymouth North induct a new member
    District Chairperson Carol visited the Inner Wheel Club of New Plymouth North for their October meeting and inducted a new member, Bronwyn. Pictured from left to right: Carol, Susan Jameson NP North President and Bronwyn
    Posted: Thursday 10 October 2019
  • 39th Birthday Celebration for IW Club of New Plymouth North
    The Inner Wheel Club of New Plymouth North recently celebrated their 39th Birthday. Pat O'Connor and Betty Dalgleish, founding members, are pictured cutting the cake.
    Posted: Thursday 10 October 2019
  • October News from the IW Club of Noumea Plaisance
    The Inner Wheel Club of Noumea Plaisance enjoyed a busy October with a wide range of activities including a garage sale, participating in a charity fun run for women's cancer, learning aboutprecious stones and assisting a man needing a gas cooker.
    Posted: Thursday 10 October 2019
  • Mt Roskill host District NZ291 Chairman
    The Inner wheel Club of Mt Roskill had the pleasure of hosting District NZ291Brenda Paschke who gave an inspiratinal talk. Their other speaker was Tayla who spoke about Mummy's In Need. This organisation give support to mothers and Tayla has been doing this work since she was eleven years old.
    Posted: Saturday 28 September 2019
  • Helen Griffin - Recipient of the Margarette Golding Award
    Helen has worked tirelessly to establish and support Days for Girls in New Zealand, the first chapter to be established outside the USA. All of her work which averages 20+ hours per week is voluntary. She obtains the materials then prepares and distributes them to teams who sew and complete the kits then return them to her for distribution world-wide and within New Zealand. The re-usable product lasts about three years. In Helen’s words, ‘Who would have thought that you could sit at your sewing machine for a couple of hours and have a three year impact on a woman’s life’.
    Posted: Friday 27 September 2019
    Sister Clubs from long ago, can’t quite stop meeting here or there throughout the IW years even though there are no sister clubs any more! “Let’s both drive and meet somewhere convenient for lunch”. Ahuriri suggested Acacia Bay in Taupo. L’Arte with good food and garden sculptures. Opotiki got organised with ten of us committing. It was a wee bit far to drive there and back although one carload did. Others stayed with friends or family as did Ahuriri. Nine members from there arrived. There were many greetings and news exchanged as we made our way inside. There were eight husbands mingled through which made a rather nicely balanced party. The day went from slightly inhospitable to rather pleasant. The cafe took no bookings and seemed mildly surprised when nineteen of us piled in. That added to all the other random “let’s go out to lunch types”, the queue looked rather long! The room was skinny and the food even with the chaos was delicious. The staff weren’t fazed at our chatter and lingering long after we had digested our last mouthfuls. New patrons glanced at our tables balancing their full plates. There was plenty of room outside for extras. The whole garden was most attractive with the whimsical pottery flowers 🌷 and birds 🐦, fern leaves and mosaaic cats in the concrete paths. There was lots to look at and some who will remain nameless bought a little of this or that. We are sad that our District NZ293 will probably disband and it is on the cards that Ahuriri Hawkes Bay will go South and Opotiki BOP will go North. It is not likely that both sets of members will attend two Conferences just to catch up. The general feeling was that somehow and somewhere our two sister Clubs will meet each year or so just to keep up the affectionate bond that is between us. We arrange ourselves for some photographs and everyone put a comment into the Friendship Book that Ahuriri has presented us with nine years before. It was a very happy few hours and before it got too chilly we all made tracks.
    Posted: Saturday 21 September 2019
  • International Friendship - IW Club of Aotea Auckland
    Club President, Penelope Spent seven weeks in July and August travelling with partner Duncan to London, Scilly, southern Italy, Croatia, New York, Boston and an unscheduled stop at Chicago. They experienced great local food, drinks and wonderful friendships. Croatia was a highlight as she visited the IW Club of Split and meet up with Sandra Neretljaković, IIW Board Director 2019-20, who lives there. They had a great morning and night talking and viewing some of the best places in Hvar and Split. They enjoyed sharing stories of IW clubs Activities. We may live so far away but hold a common goal were IW offers service and friendship. They also talked of how Our organization of Inner Wheel could stand out to be more attractive to a younger Generation. It was such a pleasure to spend this precious time with Sandra.
    Posted: Monday 2 September 2019

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