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  • Photos from the recent NZ293 District meeting
    Some photos from the NZ293 District meeting, held on Saturday 13 October 2018.
    Posted: Wednesday 17 October 2018
  • Xmas Bears Delight Children
    Last Christmas, the Kapiti Inner Wheel club in New Zealand partnered with the local Whitcoulls bookstore to collect and distribute Christmas bears to donate to needy children. Shoppers who spend over a certain amount in the store are invited to purchase a bear and then either take it away for a gift, or donate it to a local charity. Last Christmas more than 250 bears were donated by generous locals and collected up by IW members, and most were given to Foster Hope who support foster children. The Women’s Refuge were also recipients. Both organisations were so grateful for the donation of the bears, which are soft and cuddly and can be very comforting for children at a stressful time. This arrangement provides an excellent opportunity to raise the profile of Inner Wheel, as our name and logo are proudly displayed in the store during the promotion. Our ongoing partnership with Whitcoulls will continue this coming Christmas. Everyone benefits from the arrangement – Whitcoulls and Inner Wheel get great publicity, and needy children get a wonderful Christmas gift.
    Posted: Thursday 11 October 2018
  • Highlights from the recent IW District 291 Meeting
    IW District 291 hosted IWNZ President Darlene Westrupp at their recent District meeting. Some highlights of the meeting included the butterfly tree made at the meeting, the IWNZ Conference 2019 crew's presentation and an address by IWNZ President, Darlene.
    Posted: Tuesday 9 October 2018
  • Inner Wheel Club of New Plymouth North - Photo Gallery August/September 2018
    This edition of the New Plymouth Photo Gallery includes: stuffing dolls for children in surgical ward of THB; the knitting group hard at work; August Speaker Niamh O’Sullivan, A Taranaki Rose of Tralee and members who walked followed by coffee at Somerset Village on IW Day.
    Posted: Wednesday 3 October 2018
  • The Inner Wheel Club of Opotiki  Celebrate New Zealand Inner Wheel Day
    The Inner Wheel Club of Opotiki celebrated New Zealand Inner Wheel Day on 1 September Cherry was there and Elsa and Gary. The day was blue skied and sunny, amazing to sandwich it between two very wet fronts. Bronwen and Brian, Fiona and Bob then Jean with a friend Anne. Off we set through the green and shadowy obviously loved five acres of native trees and shrubs. The track has been renovated or whatever term is appropriate for such hard work that has been done. Gravel laid with wooden sides over the wet spots, a board walk through high Tree ferns. Most impressive are the steps leading down through the valley and up to a wooden walkway surround encompassing Taketakarau, the ancient Pourere tree that is wound into local history of long ago. The sun slanting through the leaves made the bush sparkle and the birds were quite vocal in their Spring busy ness. After all it is September 1st. It is the first day of Spring and it is NZ Inner Wheel Day. We wandered on commenting on the shapes and shadows and growth that caught our eye. Finally into the sunshine up an incline and out to where our cars were parked. Back down to the town to meet up with Ruth and Lois at the Hot Bread shop for a well earned coffee and “goodies” and of course more discussion and exchange of news that is important to us all. HAPPY INNER WHEEL NZ DAY.———-GREETINGS TO SPRING.
    Posted: Monday 3 September 2018
  • IW Club of Opotiki - Knitting Project
    President Carole and Ruth Wilkinson present knitting done by the IW Club of Opotiki to Whakatohea Iwi Social & Health Services to be distributed to families in need. This is an on-going project for the IW Club of Opotiki.
    Posted: Friday 17 August 2018
  • Inner Wheel Club of Opotiki - Changeover luncheon
    The Inner Wheel Club of Opotiki held their Changeover luncheon at Jean Smithson's home on 29th June. This year the club changed the format of their Changeover and decided to have a catered meal - 2 courses - at Jean Smithson's home with the a meat dish and a fruit salad as 2 extra dishes. The committee acted as waitresses. The meal was delivered to the house ready to eat. Husbands were included and Jean had set up tables in her dinning room and these were decorated with lovely floral arrangements which were auctioned off to raise a bit of money. As the club had shared presidency the year, each of the Presidents wrote a few sentences of their time in office and Secretary Fiona put them together, with a few added comments, and these were read them out at the changeover. After the group photo, they tea or coffee and this brought the luncheon to a close. Photos: 1. Waitresses (left to right) Bronwen Hough, Lana Morgan and Jean Smithson. 2. President Carole Young receiving the Chain of Office from Past President Jean Smithson. 3. Committee for 2018/2019 (left to right) - Lana Morgan, Past President Jean Smithson, President Carole Young, Secretary Fiona Laming and Editor, Bronwen Hough. 4. Group photo
    Posted: Thursday 19 July 2018
  • Inner Wheel Cub of Howick present the inaugural 'Dawn Johnston Koru Award' to Alan & Delwyn Breslau.
    At Howick Club (NZ291) changeover dinner on Wednesday the inaugural 'Dawn Johnston Koru Award' was presented. Dawn is a charter member of the club, twice club president, and Past NZ291 ISO. Dawn was inspired by this year's IW theme and established the annual award to recognise a person or organisation within the local community who in the face of adversity, has or is, displaying perseverance in overcoming obstacles in the realisation of their goals. Dawn has struggled with mobility issues all her life and is now living with cancer, so she knows what a struggle is all about. This years recipients are Alan & Delwyn Breslau for 'Achievement in the face of Adversity' and assisting others in the community to live full lives.
    Posted: Saturday 23 June 2018
  • The IW Club of New Plymouth North - Photo Gallery for May/June 2018
    Take a look at the many projects the Inner Wheel Club of New Plymouth North have been working on during May and June!
    Posted: Sunday 17 June 2018
  • Take a look at what the Inner Wheel Club of New Plymouth North have been up to in April and May 2018.
    Posted: Monday 14 May 2018
  • Inner Wheel Club of Eastern Hutt lay wreath to commemorate ANZAC Day 2018.
    Eastern Hutt Inner Wheel Club was represented at the city’s Civic Service held on the ANZAC Lawn beside the War Memorial Library in Lower Hutt recently. Vice President Judy Dearsley and Heather Leslie were the representatives at the ceremony to lay the wreath. The wreath was made by Judy and Heather from fern fronds, camellias and roses.
    Posted: Thursday 26 April 2018
  • Sailability receive donation from the IW Club of Eastern Hutt
    Sue Rowell, of the Inner Wheel Club of Eastern Hutt, recently presented a cheque from the proceeds of in-home high teas and lunches which members hosted for Sailability. Sailability provides sailing experiences for disabled people. They will use the money to purchase more special boats and consequently reduce the waiting list of people who wish to enjoy sailing on the beautiful Wellington harbour.
    Posted: Thursday 8 February 2018
  • IW Club of Eastern Hutt  host Rosemarie Wright from the IW Club of Letchworth, UK
    The Inner Wheel Club of Eastern Hutt was honoured to host Rosemarie Wright, from their corresponding club Letchworth UK, at their monthly informal get together at the California Garden Centre in Lower Hutt. Letchworth and Eastern Hutt exchanged club banners. Rosemarie is holding the banner in each photo.
    Posted: Tuesday 6 February 2018
  • The Inner Wheel Club of East Coast Albany Bays celebrate IIW Day 2018
    The Inner Wheel Club of East Coast Albany Bays celebrated International Inner Wheel Day 2018 with a barbecue at Judi Astrop’s place in Stillwater. Eight members and four husbands attended.
    Posted: Sunday 28 January 2018
  • IIW Day celebration 2018 - The Inner Wheel Club of Orewa and Whangaparoa.
    The Inner Wheel Club of Orewa and Whangaparoa celebrated International Inner Wheel Day with a barbeque at President Judy’s home with twenty six attending. President Judy’s husband Paul and the other men cooked the meat and the ladies brought a salad or dessert. Everyone enjoyed socialising in a most relaxed atmosphere. There was no pressure, just friendship, and everyone declared it was so good to just have a relaxed social time together.
    Posted: Sunday 28 January 2018
  • IW Club  of Auckland East  - Inner Wheel Day Activities
    Auckland East had two celebrations for International Inner Wheel Day. Those holidaying in the Coromandel area met at a member’s holiday home at Pauanui for friendship and a shared lunch. A second group met at another member’s home and along with friendship and a shared lunch decorated and planted boots in preparation for the District Social
    Posted: Monday 22 January 2018
  • Inner Wheel Club of Howick celebrate International Inner Wheel Day
    Eight ladies from the Inner Wheel Club of Howick celebrated International Inner Wheel Day by meeting at a local cafe for morning tea and lots of talking .
    Posted: Monday 22 January 2018
  •  Inner Wheel Club of Aotea Auckland - IIW Day 2018
    Three members of the Inner Wheel Club of Aotea Auckland (Dist Chairman Michelle, and Vice Chairman Brenda and Penelope) joined together in Kerikeri to share a few days of friendship which concluded with a lunch together at the Rusty Tractor Cafe. One of our members, Penelope, has moved to live in Kerikeri but is still an active and keen member of the club, so it was great to be able to spend some time with her instead of her constantly driving to Auckland. All three members will be attending Convention together. Time was spent over the few days discussing the year ahead, how to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the club and planning what to do in Melbourne.
    Posted: Monday 22 January 2018
  • Inner Wheel Club of Opotiki  celebrate IIW Day 2018
    Members of the Inner Wheel Club of Opotiki met at Elsa’s home in Ohiwa which gives Harbour and sea views and walks. Some walked round the Spit, some walked up to the local Pa and other’s met an hour later when it was morning tea time! The photos show “The Ladies”, a basking elephant seal waiting for its skin to shed, scarlet gum in full flower and “The Walkers."
    Posted: Monday 22 January 2018
  • Inner Wheel Club of Nouméa Plaisance host a stall at Christmas Market.
    The IW Club of Noumea Plaisance were delighted to host a stall at the entrance to the Nouméa market from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Saturday 16th December for the annual Christmas Market. They thoroughly enjoyed the day and their actions were met with great success. People were very generous and they thank them for the help they can bring to families in need.
    Posted: Monday 22 January 2018
  •  IW Club of Noumea Plaisance conclude 2017 with a visit to a home for the elderly
    On Friday December 29 2017, members of the Inner Wheel Club of Noumea Plaisance prepared breakfast for forty-three residents of an old age home, to celebrate the end of the year. The breakfast included: tea, coffee, fruit juice, cheese, ham, pastries, Christmas log and a variety of cakes. Each resident was also presented with a small bag containing accessories to improve their daily lives. It was a happy meeting to close 2017.
    Posted: Monday 22 January 2018

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