The Inner Wheel Club of Eastern Hutt knit for charity during Covid-19 Lockdown
The Inner Wheel Club of Eastern Hutt K1P1 group produced a huge amount of knitting over lockdown. The photograph shows their efforts being handed over to Pregnancy Help Hutt Valley and the slippers, beanies and mittens going to children at low decile schools in the Eastern Hutt area. The knitting totally filled the generous boot of the car of the Pregnancy Help representative.
The majority of the yarn used by the group comes by way of donation from the community. Some members like to buy their own wool .
The knitting was much appreciated by members over the lockdown weeks. Apparently the demand for baby knitting has increased hugely with the increase in unemployment and redundancies. Of course the onset of winter creates demand. Check out the amazing list of items knitted by the club.

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Posted: Tue 09 Jun 2020