Sister Clubs from long ago, can’t quite stop meeting here or there throughout the IW years even though there are no sister clubs any more! “Let’s both drive and meet somewhere convenient for lunch”. Ahuriri suggested Acacia Bay in Taupo. L’Arte with good food and garden sculptures. Opotiki got organised with ten of us committing. It was a wee bit far to drive there and back although one carload did. Others stayed with friends or family as did Ahuriri. Nine members from there arrived. There were many greetings and news exchanged as we made our way inside. There were eight husbands mingled through which made a rather nicely balanced party.
The day went from slightly inhospitable to rather pleasant. The cafe took no bookings and seemed mildly surprised when nineteen of us piled in. That added to all the other random “let’s go out to lunch types”, the queue looked rather long! The room was skinny and the food even with the chaos was delicious. The staff weren’t fazed at our chatter and lingering long after we had digested our last mouthfuls. New patrons glanced at our tables balancing their full plates. There was plenty of room outside for extras. The whole garden was most attractive with the whimsical pottery flowers 🌷 and birds 🐦, fern leaves and mosaaic cats in the concrete paths. There was lots to look at and some who will remain nameless bought a little of this or that.
We are sad that our District NZ293 will probably disband and it is on the cards that Ahuriri Hawkes Bay will go South and Opotiki BOP will go North. It is not likely that both sets of members will attend two Conferences just to catch up. The general feeling was that somehow and somewhere our two sister Clubs will meet each year or so just to keep up the affectionate bond that is between us.
We arrange ourselves for some photographs and everyone put a comment into the Friendship Book that Ahuriri has presented us with nine years before. It was a very happy few hours and before it got too chilly we all made tracks.

Posted: Sat 21 Sep 2019