Kindness to Share

Kindness to Share

Women's voluntary service group, the Inner Wheel Club of Howick, has kindness to share.

At its changeover meeting on June 21 at The Lounge in Wellington Street, it will be giving the Howick Police and New World Botany each a defibrillator, and also two big boxes of clothes to charity Stand Children's Services in Half Moon Bay.

President Dawn Johnston, who joined the club in 1991, says it feels there is a need in the community and it's crucial to have defibrillators more accessible.

"We raise funds and look for places to help people. We hope one day that defibrillator will save somebody's life," Dawn says.

Having celebrated its 25th birthday in November, the club has been supporting organisations including Stand and Kidz First Children's Hospital for many years.

The clothes donated to the charity are carefully picked to meet the needs of boys and girls of different ages, who often stay because of health or family issues and limited necessities.

If a child is having birthday while staying at Stand, Inner Wheel provides a birthday cake and card to make the vulnerable feel they're loved and cared.

For Kidz First, the group does knitting for newborn babies, wrapping booties, beanies, cardigans and blankets up as gift packs for families. It also makes dolls cots out of shoeboxes for children having operations and supplies hygiene bags to mothers who accompany their kids while they have operations.

The Inner Wheel also looks beyond its neighbourhoods and delivers clothes, homeware, and sanitary products to the Takanini Family Service Centre to assist families.

"It's trying to find where you can do good in the world, when you're not a multi-millionaire, but just a little club wanting to do good things and trying to find who will be the better recipient," Dawn says, adding that donating gives members "a fuzzy feeling" and satisfaction.

"Our focus is on children, helping wherever we possibly can. Each year you find something that you want to give money to."

Apart from paying out of their own pockets, the group also works hard to earn money for their good causes by catering at various community events, including Pakuranga Rotary Club's corporate fishing day.

It's a lot of fun for the Inner Wheel ladies, secretary Jeanette Roberts says, a former president who also joined the club in 1991.

"We enjoy making the food, the sandwiches and things like that. It brings the ladies of the club together, working for the good of the community."


Posted: Thu 15 Jun 2017