‘Specs’ taculor - The biggest collection of spectacles - gathered by the Inner Wheel Ladies of District NZ297

 Having trouble reading the paper or even seeing your family clearly

 Suffering from eye disease

 Shortage of money to visit an Optometrist or no Optometrists available to visit

Unfortunately for too many of our Pacific Island neighbours these are common occurrences.

John Veal, Optometrist, Merivale, and a Team of New Zealand Optometrists’ dedicated to charity work, is improving Visual Health in Pacific communities.

We can help John and his team by collecting any second hand/pre loved spectacles & sunglasses (glasses looking a bit tatty, they’re used for spare parts) – Please approach family members,friends, neighbours, members of your Garden Club/Fitness Group, our Rotarian friends, send out an email to acquaintances asking them to dig out those unwanted glasses.

John’s team will clean, measure for size, record script and pack individually each pair of spectacles ready for distribution.

John and his colleagues visit the Pacific Islands once a year.

John Veal - Director Merivale Optical Christchurch, Registered Optometrist New Zealand, Member NZ Coneal & Contact Lense Society, Director of Low Vision Services Chrsitchurch, Trustee of Lighthouse Vision Trust, Consultant to Rose Charities New Zealand, Member NZ Aid Eye Team to the Cook Islands, Paul Harris Fellow.

Ladies, let’s help Visual Health in the Pacific Islands and make this another Inner Wheel District Project we can be proud of.

Bring your clubs collection along to our District Meeting, 8th October, Hanmer.

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Posted: Mon 15 Aug 2016