Mothers and Daughters of Inner Wheel

Bev Brennan daughter Michelle Scott, Helen Kearney daughter Suzanne Woffindin

The Inner Wheel Club of Parahaki of Whangarei, NZ291, is very special. We are only a small club but very family oriented. In 2015 the President, Vice President and Secretary were all second generation members. President Sue Woffindin is the daughter of Helen Kearney, Vice President Michelle Scott is the daughter of Bev Brennan and Secretary Wendy Chitty is the daughter of the late Jane Campbell. 

When Wendy’s Mum Jane became too ill to continue as our Treasurer Wendy stepped in to help and how proud Jane would have been to watch her develop into a very involved member both at club level, where she has been Treasurer, President and Secretary, and recently two terms as District Chairman. 

When New Generation clubs began to be organised we realised that Whangarei was not big enough to support another Inner Wheel Club but we could involve our daughters and their young friends in our activities. With ages ranging from the low 40s to the 90s our club has very varied interests and we all learn from each other. Our members, old and young have much to contribute and I think this helps make our club vibrant and interesting.

Sue’s skills with the computer have made our bulletin a delight to read and our meetings are interesting and well run. Michelle enjoyed her time as ISO and is now getting ready to take up the challenge of President for 2015/2016. 

As a club we enjoy the enthusiasm these busy young women bring to our club. They each have a daughter and it is a delight when Kate, Zoe and Jordan  join us in the family events that are part of our club programmes Perhaps one day we will be able to boast of having three generations of IW members!

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