Mothers and Daughters of Inner Wheel

Margaret Hill (Mum)

My husband David (Katharine’s Dad) joined Rotary twenty four years ago and for eleven of those years I resisted the ‘friendly persuasion’ of the Inner Wheel members to join their ranks. I already belonged to a few groups, had the children at home & was working so thought I couldn’t fit anything else in to my time.

When I retired from work I succumbed to the ‘friendly persuasion’ and decided I would see what IW had to offer. That decision has been one of the best I have ever made and some of the persuaders have become close friends. After a two year stint as treasurer, in 2010 I became President. As we were coming to visit Katharine I decided to contact IW groups in Invercargill. On the night I arranged to visit Invercargill North Katharine came with me. Dot and Mandy picked us up and Jan, Lynda and everyone there made us so welcome and were so friendly that the evening was a highlight of our holiday.

It was lovely to have Katharine with me that evening but it never occurred to me for one minute that she would even consider joining IW. It was a huge surprise for me when she said she was going to join all you lovely ladies in your remarkable group. I am very happy that she has, and like her, love that extra connection that we have.

Katharine Russell (Daughter)

My Mum was visiting us from the UK in 2010 and had made contact with a couple of IW clubs here in Invercargill. I went along to the Invercargill North club meeting with her. I had no thought of joining and had had nothing at all to do with IW previously. My Mum is an active member of quite a few wonderful clubs and organisations as well as IW, like NWR (National Women's Register in the UK), and sewing and book groups, but I am less of a "joiner" by nature.

But the ladies of IW North were so welcoming and so lovely, and so enthusiastic about welcoming us that evening, that they totally charmed me into joining! I did a year on committee, although work commitments prevent me from taking much of an active role at the moment. I value my IW membership  and the friendship of these incredible women, and I love that it's another link between me and my Mum.

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