Days For Girls letter

Days For Girls letter

A Letter from Sharron while distributing kits to girls in Swaziland:

"Sorry I haven’t been back in contact for a while.I have just got back from another trip to Swaziland. My friend Teresa, who I passed the Days for Girls Kits to, was waiting for the start of the new school year to give them out.

They were recently given out to girls at Vuvulane Primary School ( kids go to school quite late there!!:) as part of a project that they will monitor and review. Vuvulane is a rural area that is quite impoverished and many of the girls will be from families directly impacted by HIV Aids …as most families are in Swaziland. Most of the families in that region are financially supported by family members who receive very low wages working in the sugar plantations.

The principal and teacher are very supportive of the project and plan to meet with the girls in 3 months to discuss what/how the girls thought about using the kits etc. Also the girls will meet with the teacher every month and provide updates and discuss any problems. The view was that it was a good initial meeting.

I attach a couple of photos of the girls with their kits. Hopefully it is the start of something great.

I am not sure when I am back in Swaziland, probably within the next 3 months and Teresa is keen for me to bring more kits across if possible. How is Inner Wheel placed to fund /facilitate that?

I am off to Fiji next week and possibly Solomon Islands in the next month or so, so will let you know if I scout out any more needs/opportunities.

Please pass on our thanks to the funders and makers of these awesome kits. Swaziland is definitely a country of great need so they are definitely reaching the right girls in the most rural and impoverished areas..and hopefully making difference to the outcomes for these lovely girls.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Kind Regards, Sharron"

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Posted: Wed 01 Apr 2015