Mothers and Daughters of Inner Wheel

Mother and Daughter take on the world of International Inner Wheel

Hazel Hunter National Representative IWNZ President 2014-15

Michelle Atkinson IIW Editor/Media manager 2014-15

International Inner Wheel (IIW) is one of the largest women’s service voluntary organisations in the world and are active in more than 103 countries with more than 103,000 members in 3,895 Clubs worldwide. In New Zealand, there are approx. 2000 members in 56 clubs split into five Districts.  These clubs include two in the Pacific Islands - in Fiji and New Caledonia.  

Inner Wheel clubs work to fulfil the Inner Wheel objectives of Friendship, Service and International Understanding.

Hazel has been an Inner Wheel member since 1992. As Extension Chairman of her Club Auckland East and enthused after the IIW Convention in Christchurch 2006 she worked with a small team to form a New Generation Inner Wheel Club in Auckland. A group of vibrant young women in their 30’s formed the Inner Wheel Club of Aotea Auckland and were chartered in March 2008. Hazel’s daughter Michelle was a Charter member of this club.

Hazel continued her involvement with her club, the Inner Wheel Club of Auckland East, went on to be District Chairman of NZ291 and has gone on to National level becoming in 2014/15 National Representative and Inner Wheel New Zealand (IWNZ) President.

Michelle continued her commitment to her new Club as President and then onto District Executive as Editor for 3 years. During this time she developed the District website and assisted all Club Editors in NZ291 with computer skills to create their monthly club bulletins.

IWNZ nominated her for the International Inner Wheel Editor/ Media Manager position, which she was, elect to for 2014-15. 

Michelle has the challenge of communicating with IW in 103 countries by keeping the IIW website and social medial channels up to date. She strives to help communicate the many interesting service projects and activities of clubs all around the world.

July 2014- June 15 is an exciting and demanding year for this mother and daughter relationship in Inner Wheel. Both with major commitments. They are both looking forward to attending the IIW Convention in Copenhagen in May 2015.

International Inner Wheel  provides wonderful opportunities for members to be both involved in ones community , Nationally in New Zealand and Internationally.

New members are always welcome to visit or join one of our Clubs.

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