IW Club of Stoke-Tahunanui, Days For Girls

IW Club of Stoke-Tahunanui, Days For Girls

The IW Club of Stoke-Tahunanui, NZ297,  met for a morning in October 2014,  to learn how to make up kits for female hygiene to enable women in impoverished communities to improve their lives without having the restrictions of monthly periods and the risk of infection.  Every kit gives the woman back up to two months of living in just one year.

In 3 years, Days For Girls Volunteers have empowered thousands of women in over sixty nations on six continents.


Under the watchful eye of leader Marion, the girls were assigned various jobs and amidst laughter and chit-chat, had a most enjoyable morning for a very worthy cause.

Posted: Sun 12 Oct 2014