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Inner Wheel is the largest Women’s Voluntary Service Organisation in the world, very soon ready to celebrate our centenary year in 2024. The list of current IIW Board Members and Executive Members can be found on the Who's Who page on the IIW website.

A message from IIW President Ebe:

Working together as a team we can make the world a more just and peaceful place to live in while upholding the ideals of Inner Wheel: to promote true friendship – to encourage the ideals of personal service – to foster international understanding.

We are one of the largest women’s voluntary service organizations, linking together members all over the world. Heading for the centenary year, we have the duty to strengthen our great organization, make it better known and appreciated around the world.

This year theme is “Pink First”. Poverty, discrimination and violence are still strongly present in women’s and girls’ lives. The UN Agenda 2020-2030 clearly states that gender equality and the empowerment of all women are the catalyst for the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.

There will be four areas of attention: 1) Health, 2) Education 3) Opportunity 4) Empowerment. Moreover Clubs will be required to increase their Club’s Members by 10% with 2% of Members of less than 40 years old.

Ebe Panitteri Martines

International Inner Wheel Service Campaign

Strong Women Stronger World

Inner Wheel clubs, districts and countries take part in a wide range of work for charities and causes across the world with the aim of caring for women and girls.

IIW Social Project Campaign (pdf) 

IIW Social Project Campaign (ppt)
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