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Inner Wheel

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International Inner Wheel

Inner Wheel is the largest Women’s Voluntary Service Organisation in the world, very soon ready to celebrate our centenary year in 2024. The list of current IIW Board Members and Executive Members can be found on the International Governing Body & Editor/Media Manager document on the IIW website.

2022-2023 Theme: Work Wonders

A message from 2022-2023 International Inner Wheel President, Zenaida Y. Farcon (Philippines):


I have come to love and know IW’s history, organizational structure, objectives, mission, constitution and ways of working at the very young age of 28. In a span of 32 long years, I have meticulously acquired experience at the club, district, national and international levels. Currently, I am serving as IIW Board Director for my second term.

As a practicing certified public accountant for 38 years now, my experience will be valuable in improving the Financial Management System of IIW.

I envision IIW as a sustainable Global Organization, experiencing robust growth, responsive and relevant to the diverse needs of women of all ages, resilient and adaptable to the new normal.

I envision IIW to expand its reach to Young Girls aged 12-17 through the formation of IW Youth Clubs in high school and college levels. This will create awareness about our service mission, thus inspiring the girls to cross over to IW Clubs as regular members when they reach 18 years old and above.

I envision IIW actively promoting our service projects on Social Media, thereby attracting the New Generation to become members. Social Media will be a most effective channel for monitoring projects and will serve as Inner Wheel’s Marketing platform.

I envision an IIW Global Management System that will standardize and firm up the IIW Brand of leadership and culture building for the formation of competent, visionary and agile leaders who can lead with understanding and clarity in the midst of these complexities of the “ New Normal”.

To learn more about this year's IIW President, you can read her profile here.

International Inner Wheel Service Campaign

Strong Women Stronger World

Inner Wheel clubs, districts and countries take part in a wide range of work for charities and causes across the world with the aim of caring for women and girls.

IIW Social Project Campaign (pdf) 

IIW Social Project Campaign (ppt)
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